1. Me in the bottom right corner last Lawnya Vawnya. I think from Exclaim! magazine, maybe not on drugs.

  2. Pretty drunk but will be awake in 5 hours to fly out to play this festival. It’ll be the best!

  4. deliadumaurier:

    dave foley + mugs

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  5. Modes d’emploi: A portrait of Françoise Hardy

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  7. sothemarsh:

    The Unseen


  8. Today Rules

    -Assholes I worked for in Halifax last month finally paid me for the 40 hours they owed me.

    -A grant was approved so I have a summer radio job in Sackville.

    -Kappa Chow start a week long mini-tour tonight at the Legion.

  9. "The Weather Song"

    I predict this new Ought album will be one of the best things I hear this year. Out later in the month on Constellation Records.


  10. Shotgun & Jaybird reunion in Toronto? Fuck Toronto. Bring that shit to Sackville where it belongs.