1. My friends and I watching the Sappyfest tent go up a few hours ago. There is no other time of year that makes me as happy as Sappy week.

  2. Oh my heart, just two hours away from Bridge Street turning into this once again.

    (photo credit Jess Palmer, I think)

  5. rachellastname:

    this is incredible

    Everything about U Talkin’ U2 To Me? fan art makes me laugh very hard. Because I am dumb.

    (via scottaukerman)

  6. ctinemc:



    I was so disappointed when they released a Patrick song as the first single. Jay all the way. really curious to see how this album turns out.

  7. Hey thanks for leaving this on my front door. No idea what this means.

  8. Myself, Lucy, Josee and Brendan became temporary members of Painful Shivers while Nic visited last week and we made a little video for Attic Transmissions.

    I also did a kind of shitty interview with Nic, that can be found online somewhere, too.

  9. NehruvianDOOM. Album will likely be pretty rad.


  10. This whole album is very good.